Ortigia is the essence of Sicily – a synthesis of the scents, colours and mysteries of one of the oldest, largest, most diverse islands in the Mediterranean.

Ortigia is a small soap and scent business located in Florence. It was founded in Sicily in 2006 by Sue Townsend (one of the co-founders of “Crabtree and Evelyn” in the 70s). Our range is formulated using natural, local Sicilian ingredients, and is inspired by the beauty, colours and scents of the most tropical, historic region in Italy.Inspiration is drawn from Sicilian plants: orange blossom, Sicilian lime, pomegranate, lavender, prickly pear, almond; that can be found in every garden and are all native to Sicily. The collection uses traditional products with modern ethical practice and integrity.

ORTIGIA products are used exclusively in all our suites at Casa Colleverde.


Kau Kau Kite School is a water sports school that has been operating since 2000 with great enthusiasm and passion.  The school is located inside the Bagno Arcobaleno di Fiumaretta (SP) on the border between Liguria and Tuscany. We organize intensive courses in different water sports for all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced):

Surfing / Kite Surfing / Wind Surfing / Sup / Sup Yoga & Sup Pilates / Kids Multisport /KauKau is also a chain store and an online e-shop for sports and casual clothing, as well as water sports equipment.


Bicisport is the reference point near Casa Colleverde for advice, sales and assistance in the “TWO-WHEELER” sector.

Here you may find bicycles for MTB, racing, sport or everyday use; children’s bicycles, spare parts, components and accessories; clothing and shoes, but above all, technical know-how and courtesy. In partnership with Casa Colleverde, we provide the B&B directly with E-Bikes and accessories to rent, and we also organize guided tours.

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Terra della Luna is a farm business founded in Ortonovo (SP) in 2006: We grow grapes on the hills of Luni, on terrain known as “Pezzo Grande”, renowned since the 19th Century for its “Bianc Bon” wines produced by the Fabbricotti family.  In the basin formed where the hills of Tuscany and Liguria meet, the soil is rich in grey clay at a depth of one meter, forming an ideal microclimate to grow grapes and make wine that has an intense aroma and a well-balanced taste.

Terra della Luna was built entirely using green-building materials and, thanks to its photovoltaic system, aims at reducing its carbon dioxide emissions to zero.

Naturally these principles are reflected both in the cellar and in its wine: Terra della Luna is committed to not using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and systemic herbicides and to minimizing processing aids and selected yeasts, always working with the maximum care and respect for nature, to produce high quality wines.